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Print and order information

Books published by Living Control Systems Publishing are Printed On Demand (POD) by Lightning Source (LSI), a subsidiary of Ingram, which appears to be the biggest book distributor in the world.

The paperback versions are listed in Ingram's database and are offered by most Internet bookstores around the world. They can also be ordered from a friendly bookstore.

The hardcover versions are no longer listed in Ingram's database, but can be ordered direct (below).

You can order ten or more books at a discount, any combination of titles. They will be drop shipped from the printing plant closest to your address to minimize your shipping cost. Select the appropriate order form from the list below.

LSI has printing plants in multiple locations around the world. Print charges and shipping varies by location, so Ithree different order forms are provided, with prices shown in the local currency, USD, GBP, AUD.

Request for Quotation / Order forms below

Location for print and ship File type File for download

Download the appropriate Excel form, fill it in, and send it to the email address that is provided in the form.
US ships worldwide;   UKships worldwide;   AU ships only to Australia and New Zealand.


Excel file — preferred RFQ-Order_form_US.xls


Excel file — preferred RFQ-Order_form_UK.xls


Excel file — preferred RFQ-Order_form_AU.xls
If you cannot edit and email the Excel file, download and print the appropriate PDF form below, fill it in, and mail it to the address that is given at the bottom of the form for manual processing.


Pdf file for print and mail RFQ-Order_form_US.pdf


Pdf file for print and mail RFQ-Order_form_UK.pdf


Pdf file for print and mail RFQ-Order_form_AU.pdf

The following sample files are meant to provide some feel for prices and shipping charges by UPS and USPS in the U.S., the Postal Service in the U.K. and in Australia. The same "basket" of books is ordered in each sample, for easy comparison. LSI says that this basket weighs 28 lbs, 12.5 kg.

An order from the U.S. to locations in the U.S. Sample_Order_US to US.pdf
An order from the U.S. for delivery to Canada. Sample_Order_US to CAN.pdf
An order from the U.S. for delivery to Mexico. Compare UK to Mex. Sample_Order_US to Mex.pdf
Information from LSI about shipping from U.S. locations. Shipping_Methods_US.pdf
An order from the U.K. for delivery within the EU. Sample_Order_UK to EU.pdf
An order from the U.K. for delivery to Mexico. Sample_Order_UK to Mex.pdf
An order from the U.K. for delivery to Australia and beyond. Sample_Order_UK to AU.pdf
An order from Australia. for delivery in Australia Sample_Order_AU to AU.pdf



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