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Picture of Hugh Petrie

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About Hugh Petrie

Hugh G. Petrie has had a varied and distinguished career. He received bachelors degrees in Business and Engineering—both with special honors—from the University of Colorado and holds his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Stanford University. He also studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Manchester, England, under a Fulbright scholarship. He has held professorships in philosophy and philosophy of education at Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University at Buffalo. He also served in several administrative posts at Illinois and Buffalo, including Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Buffalo.

He has written extensively in the areas of ways of knowing, theories of human action, educational policy, liberal arts and teacher education, organizational learning, and interdisciplinary inquiry.

From A Brief History of the Graduate School of Education, GSE, a 2007 Alumni Association Newsletter celebrating 75 years of GSS.:

Under Hugh Petrie’s leadership (1981–1997), faculty reorganized the school and the name, Graduate School of Education, was chosen to reflect the professional nature of the school. In addition to improving upon its long-standing programs, GSE solidified its teacher education program, learning and technology initiatives, and school-university partnerships.

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