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Introducing the Third Grand Theory in Psychology:
Perceptual Control Theory (PCT)
a foundation for psychology as a "hard" natural science
A presentation with interactive demonstrations,
requiring about two hours, followed by Q&A

      ●  Might management be difficult or distasteful for many
           because our current science of psychology provides no
           understanding of why or how individuals do what they do?
      ●  Are some management practices based on the idea
           that your environment causes your behavior?

      Discover how we all function—your “Operating System”
      —facts about your nervous system in action.

      ●  PCT is the only technically sound, testable explanation
           of how we function.
      ●  PCT gives you a new perspective and insight into management,            relationships, conflict, psychotherapy, and much, much more.

      If you know you’re not a puppet of your environment,
      come learn from PCT what behavior is, how it works,
      and what it accomplishes.

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Preview / Self-study:   At this site and at you will find plenty of reference materials: Functioning tutorials, a free pdf Book of Readings with 30+ short papers from many points of view, samples from 25+ books, and much more. Be sure to review the compelling interactive demonstrations with people and computers.


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