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Dag C. Forssell obtained his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in his native Sweden, then followed up with an MBA from University of Southern California. He has held engineering, engineering management and marketing management positions during his decades in American manufacturing industry.
Mr. Forssell is a student, advocate, author and teacher of Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). He is Past President of the Control Systems Group, an association of researchers and students of PCT, serves as one of two archivists, and has videotaped group meetings since 1993 for a historical record. Doing business as Living Control Systems Publishing, he also publishes PCT–related books.
     Mr. Forssell is committed to PCT because it offers a new and different explanation regarding what behavior is and what it accomplishes, thus offering a fresh start in the social and other life sciences. He is convinced that if you want to understand how behavior works, PCT is the only game in town. PCT can be understood at many levels, from an overall sense that people control what happens to them, to in-depth detail regarding the interaction of multiple control systems. The major requirement for study of PCT is an open mind and willingness to study how control works and what control controls.
     Publications by Mr. Forssell include the series of articles originally published in the Engineering Management Journal (EMJ) and several other introductions and statements about the engineering, physical, or natural science quality of Perceptual Control Theory, collected in the volume Management and Leadership: Insight for Effective Practice..

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