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Richard S. Marken

In a message to CSGnet on September 11, 2005 Rick Marken said:

I want to encourage everyone who is interested in PCT to purchase a copy of The Method of Levels by Tim Carey. I just received my copy yesterday and read nearly all of it yesterday afternoon. This is the book on PCT applications that I have long hoped would be written.
    Everything about it is wonderful: the writing is excellent, the discussion of PCT is lucid and at exactly the right level for the presumed audience, the tone is just right and the discussion of the method of levels itself is authoritative (since Tim and others have actually been using it), appropriately skeptical and clearly (and correctly) based on PCT. TIm's discussion of several background issues—particularly his discussion of how MOL is an attempt to get at what makes psychotherapy work when it does work—is masterful.
    I believe that the The Method of Levels is a must not only for everyone who is already a fan of PCT (whether their interest is in research or application; this book makes the distinction irrelevant, as I always thought it should be) but also for everyone who is doing counseling or psychotherapy.
    The Method of Levels has restored my faith in the (immediate) future of PCT (I have no doubt that PCT will eventually prevail in the behavioral and life sciences). I believe this book will be of considerable interest to people in the helping professions and this will bring PCT (and the self-critical PCT orientation to getting at the truth, which is also described so well in MOL) to the attention of a new and large audience.

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