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Richard Mullan

I find Dr. Carey’s book of the Method of Levels an invaluable resource that I consult regularly. It is a remarkable document of one individual’s quest to apply the principles of Perceptual Control Theory to the practice of helping others with distressing problems. It provides me with the opportunity to reflect regularly on my own practice without instructing me and has enabled me to be clearer about my role as a psychotherapist. It has truly opened my eyes to psychological distress from the perspective of the patient and it serves as a constant reminder that it is patients who get themselves better.
    I could never say it is easy reading in that it has resulted in my questioning of fundamental principles regarding psychological problems and human functioning, but I have never looked back as I feel I am becoming a more competent and understanding therapist. I am now more clear about my role in helping people. I would like to thank Dr. Carey for his relentless search to answer some of the most important questions about the psychological treatment of humans who are having problems in living and for passing them on in such an inspirational style.

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